Caring For Marble Surfaces In Contemporary Kitchens

19 November 2014
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Marble countertops are beautiful as well as durable, making them a staple in contemporary kitchens. However, to ensure that marble remains shiny and in good condition, you need to clean and maintain it. The first thing to note is that marble should not be cleaned the same way that granite is. Marble tends to be much softer, can stain easily and is susceptible to chemical etching. So what are some of the tips on cleaning and caring for marble countertops in contemporary kitchens?

For daily cleaning, do not overt exert yourself.

A simple wipe down with a soft cloth dipped in warm water is enough for this. If the marble countertops have come into contact with food, ensure you wipe them down immediately. Another thing to note is that marble tends to be very susceptible to water spots. As such, you should never let the surface air dry. Do not use vinegar or any other acidic substances to clean marble, as this will cause chemical etching. If you are conducting thorough cleaning, you should use a pH-neutral soap to clean the marble. If you have dark marble, acetone could also do the job or hydrogen peroxide for surfaces made of light marble. Once you are done with the thorough cleaning, ensure you rinse the surface completely to ensure there is no residue.

When it comes to stains, make sure they are cleaned up as soon as they occur.

Acidic substances such as wine, juice, tomatoes and some soft drinks would wreak havoc on your marble if they spill and are not cleaned up immediately. When cleaning up stains, take note not to rub them. Instead, you should blot them up. Oil based stains can be cleaned with a mixture of powder and rubbing alcohol or some water. Water based stains can be cleaned up with a mixture of powder and acetone or hydrogen peroxide.

Use coasters.

This will go a long way in protecting your marble from unnecessary watermarks. These leave contemporary kitchens looking quite unsightly. In addition to this, take note not to place any hot items on top of the marble. If you are taking off hot pots and pans from the stove, place them on hot pads.

To keep your marble shiny, you will have to polish it from time to time.

The best way of doing this would be by using chamois on damp surfaces. The chamois will polish the marble while making it dry. You could also use a combination of baking soda and chalk. Wipe down the marble with the baking soda, and once it has dried, rinse it and then wipe it down with a cloth that has been dipped in chalk.

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