Five Simple Instructions For Fixing A Hole In Your Screen Door

26 November 2014
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If you have a hole in your screen door, fixing it may be easier than you think. Even if you are a home improvement novice, you can attempt to fix your own screen. Here are five tips to help you:

1. Gluing the Edges of a Very Small Hole

If there is a very small hole in your screen, simply grab the pieces of screen along the edges of the hole and push them together. Then, apply a strong adhesive or epoxy to the area. The adhesive should make the edges of the hole bind together to close up the hole. If the hole is so large that you cannot pull its edges together, you need to make a patch.

2. Patching a Small to Medium-Sized Hole on a Vinyl or Fiberglass Screen

If you have a small to medium-sized hole in a vinyl or fiberglass screen, you need to make a patch. If you have an old roll of screen, cut a patch that is about a thumb's width wider than the screen hole on all of its sides. Place the patch over the hole, and smooth adhesive over the overlapping areas. If needed, use tape to hold the patch in place as the adhesive dries.

3. Patching a Small to Medium-Sized Hole in a Metal Screen

If your screen is metal, you cannot use adhesive to hold the patch. Instead, push the patch over the hole, and then, walk to the other side of the screen. When you are behind the patch, bend the edges of its metal prongs so that they hold the patch to the rest of the screen.

4. Creating an Emergency Patch

If you do not have any spare screen around, you can create an emergency patch out of a piece of paper or cardboard. Once you tape this patch to your screen, you won't have to worry about insects getting in to your home through the hole in the screen.

5. Replacing the Screen Door

If the screen's hole is too large to patch, replace the entire screen. To do this, remove the door and lay it on a flat surface. Remove any handles or hardware that are covering the screen. Use the flat edge of a screwdriver to remove the spline from the side of the screen.

The spline is a long, flexible piece of rubber that holds the screen in place, and once it is gone, the screen will fall out of the door. Cut a new piece of screen that is slightly larger than the door and lay that over the door. Push the edges of the screen into the channel around the door. Then, use a spline tool to work the edges of the screen and a new spline into place. When the screen is secure, trim the excess screen with a knife.

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