How to Revamp Your Bedroom Furniture with Chalk Paint

5 January 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If your wooden bedroom furniture has seen better days, there is absolutely no need to throw it out and buy a whole load of new furniture. It's sometimes unnecessary to buy a complete set of new furniture when you can upgrade your existing furniture (worn and torn as it may be) with a coat or two of chalk paint.

So why chalk paint?

Chalk paint is the kind of paint that is used to create that incredibly matte finish that chalkboards have. Its obvious function is for painting chalkboard surfaces, but it is also an ideal product for upgrading wooden bedroom furniture.

The first reason for this is that using chalk paint requires absolutely no painting and decorating expertise. With many types of ordinary paint, you will have to sand and prime the surface of the wooden furniture before you apply the paint, but with chalk paint, this is not the case.

Open up your can of paint and get painting—it's as easy as that. And the second reason that you should consider chalk paint above other varieties of paint is that you can create a whole range of paint effects while expending very little effort.

Paint effects you can create with chalk paint

If you want the surface to have an even denser matte finish, just leave the lid off your paint for a couple of hours. This will thicken up the paint, but it will still be thin enough for you to apply it with an ordinary brush used for furniture painting. Add a layer of paint outside and wait for it to dry. With chalk paint, there is no need to varnish because generally you will be seeking a dense, matte finish with this kind of paint.

On the other hand, you might not want a completely dense effect, but something more like a light, matte wash. This could be the case if you want to upgrade a bedroom cabinet that has a nice wood grain, and you don't completely want to lose the wood grain with a layer of dense paint. If so, dilute the paint by half with water. Because chalk paint is not oil based, this is extremely easy to do and all with water from your tap.

If you want to add even more texture to the finish, you can use a bristled brush as opposed to a smooth painting brush. Just add one layer of paint at first. If the effect is too washed out for your tastes, you can always add another layer of paint after the first layer has dried.

Chalk paint can give a new lease of life to bedroom cabinets, vanity units, headboards, and most other types of wooden bedroom furniture. It can be purchased in a variety of colours, and so the effects that can be created with this paint are only bound by the limits of your imagination. For more design tips, talk to furniture professionals such as Sweetdreams Bedding Co.