How To Make Your Patio Weatherproof: Cooler In Summer And Warmer In Winter

27 January 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A covered patio creates a wonderful outdoor entertainment setting, but sometimes the weather gets in the way of your party. A hot summers day, a cool evening or the advent of autumn can drive you indoors. Since a patio is such a big investment, why not extend your use by following these weatherproofing tips?


Blinds help weather proof your patio in both summertime and in cooler weather. In warmer weather blinds provide shade and protection from UV sunlight. In cooler weather they shut out wind and rain, creating the effect of temporary walls enclosing a cosy patio. If heaters are on, blinds help retain the heat.

Patio blinds are commonly constructed from materials such as canvas, acrylic fabric or PVC plastic (either clear or tinted). PVC plastic is popular in outdoor cafes and is ideal for patios.


Sleek metal, plastic or wooden furniture without cushions might be comfortable and cool in summer but they will not add warmth in winter. In cooler weather use outdoor furniture with padded waterproofed cushions that retain warmth and don't hold moisture.

Texture creates the feeling of warmth so a colourful outdoor mat, cushions and throw rugs will generate a warmer space. In the summer, an outdoor mat can also protect your feet from the hot ground. This is particularly helpful for concrete floors which heat quickly under a hot sun.


A portable fan in a must in hot weather. Fans create a chill effect by blowing air against your skin, evaporating moisture, and so cooling you down. Fans push air around rather than cooling down a room or area—so are ideally suited to an outdoor patio.


Outdoor heating will extend the use of your patio into chilly evenings and cooler days as winter approaches.

  • Outdoor fireplaces not only warm your patio, but many modern stone or brick designs make stunning centrepieces.
  • Chimineas create a rustic look. A chiminea is a free standing fireplace or oven with a bulbous body and chimney. They are commonly built from materials such as cast iron, clay, stainless steel, or bronze.
  • Fire pits are also popular—a fire pit is an open container or bowl intended for a lit fire. They are manufactured in various configurations; rectangular fire pits are even built into coffee tables.
  • Various models of heat lamps, commonly used in outdoor cafes, will warm your patio on cooler days. Many quaint designs add a touch of charm.
  • A wide range of outdoor portable gas and electric heaters, or an electric patio heater attached to the ceiling, will also work well.

If you take care when setting up your patio, paying attention to accessories and furnishings such as blinds, furniture, fans and heaters, you will enjoy your patio for extended periods even when the weather proves challenging. For more ideas and information, contact a company like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd.