How to Embrace the Latest Trens for Window Treatments

9 February 2015
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Every new season brings in new trends when it comes to interior design. For window treatments, the latest trend to catch the eye of the homeowner involves a return to traditional craftsmanship, together with an emphasis on sustainability and a shrewd mix of colour and pattern in the finished item.

Soften the Transition to the Outdoors

Many Australians want to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the land in which they live. When determining how the interior of your home should look, you might like to take advantage of some fantastic views outside, and bridge the gap between the interior and the exterior. Fit sheer curtains and they will take full advantage of any open plan, contemporary design. They will provide the necessary visual accoutrement, while softening the transition between the indoors and outdoors. In your contemporary room, curtains should also be hung from rods that are sleek and minimalist, embossed with granite tops and rings.

Just a Feature or More a Design Element?

You may be thinking of your curtains in the traditional sense, in terms of them being simply a feature, rather than something to augment your overall design. However, maybe you should think again. Do you need to apply a very bold fabric, or a heavy curtain, or can your treatments in this area be a primary design element instead?

Ethnic Influences

There's also a shift in terms of curtain design in order to integrate local, ethnic influences, colours and styles. Rather than trying to eliminate natural imperfections, these should be embraced, according to latest fads and fashion.

Trendy Blinds

If you opt for blinds instead. they should have simple and clean lines and fit within the window frame itself. It is also important to choose blinds that have wider slats, as this will reduce the number of lines that run horizontally across the window. Once again, this is an opportunity to bring the outside in.

You can opt for a "Japanese" look. If you have large windows or sliding glass doors, then incorporate tracking panels for your blinds. These will then take on the appearance of oriental screens, and can be split to open from either side, or from the middle.

Be Eco-Friendly

Sustainable living seems to be always in style, whatever the season. You should choose blinds that are made from woven wood, or from sustainable reeds and grasses, such as bamboo. When selecting curtains or drapes (from stores like Sebastian's Carpet Court), select linen, hemp or organically-grown cotton for that eco-friendly edge.