Tips for Affording the Kitchen Renovations You Want

27 February 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home, and when it's rundown and shabby or just outdated, your entire home can feel unwelcoming. You might also avoid cooking if your kitchen is older and less than welcoming, but of course many updates to a kitchen can be intimidating. Note a few tips on how to afford the kitchen renovations you want without sacrificing style or your budget.

1. Countertop alternatives

Granite, slate, marble, and glass are all very popular options for kitchen countertops, but they can also be very expensive. One affordable alternative is to shop for granite overlays; these are pieces of granite that are very thin and which fit over your current countertops like a cap. They are glued into place so they become permanent. This gives you the granite countertop you want but for much less money, as it involves much less of the granite material overall. The installation is also typically more affordable since your old countertops don't need to be removed.

Laminate is also a very affordable alternative; this material can look like virtually any other material, including high-end granite and marble. Poured concrete can also be painted or stained to look like granite or slate or another material, or it can be buffed to shine like glass. These are affordable alternatives for getting the look you want on your countertops.

2. Flooring alternatives

Laminate tile is an alternative to hardwood, marble or slate and it's very durable as well. You can even find peel-and-stick laminate tile that applies right over your current flooring for an easier and more affordable installation. Vinyl is another good alternative that is very affordable. Vinyl tiles or rolls today are made to look like other high-end materials and vinyl too is very easy to install.  Poured concrete can also be used in your kitchen for flooring and then painted or stained to look like any of these other, more expensive materials.

3. Affordable cupboards and cabinets

One alternative for something affordable when it comes to cabinets and cupboards is to simply replace the doors and drawer fronts. Often the cabinets and drawers themselves are very salvageable, but the doors and fronts look old and shabby. If you were to replace these and repaint the front of the cabinets and drawers to match, and then add some fresh new hardware, you might be surprised at how updated your kitchen looks. This is much cheaper than buying new cabinets and cupboards.

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