3 Reasons t's Important to Enlist Regular Carpet Cleaning

23 March 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If there are carpets in your home, you likely vacuum them at least once each week. While this goes a long way in keeping the carpets clean, it is not enough. Dirt gets tracked across the carpets all the time, even if you are insisting that everyone remove their shoes before entering your home. If you are not having your carpets cleaned regularly in addition to vacuuming, your carpets are not truly going to be clean. There are several reasons why you need to have regular carpet cleaning done. Here are just a few.

Removes Allergens

Dust and other allergens will grab onto carpet fibres, and a regular vacuum cleaner isn't going to be able to suck them up. In addition to allergens, there are also many other things that get trapped in carpet fibres, including dead insects, insect skins and insect faeces.

If there is anyone in your home who suffers from environmental allergies or respiratory problems, it is important that your carpets are deep-cleaned at least once each month to make sure that the fibres are free of allergens.

Gets Rid of Stains

While you do your best to make sure that spills are wiped up from the carpets as soon as they happen, there are likely going to be times when stains end up setting in. For instance, you may not be home, and someone spills something and doesn't take the time to clean up the mess. These stains will need special treatment, which is offered by carpet cleaning specialists.

In the meantime, if anything is spilled, be sure to blot it up with a clean dry cloth, and then treat the area with a mild carpet cleaner or other detergent. Never rub something that has been spilled onto a carpet, as this is just going to spread the stain around and make it worse.

Keeps Carpets Looking New

When carpets get dirty, they tend to look old, even if they are nearly new. The longer you go between carpet cleaning, the more dirt is going to build up. It is going to make the carpeting look dark and dull. Eventually, there may even be a foul odour as a result from the dirt in the carpeting. The fibres are going to flatten as people walk on the carpeting. Vacuuming can only do so much to fluff up the fibres. A deep cleaning will make them look and feel just like new.

If you're curious about how often to clean your carpets, consult with professionals such as Adelaide Steam.