Can't Stand the Noise of Your Lawn Mower? Try These More Peaceful Options

18 August 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Cutting the grass is something everyone with a lawn needs to deal with. You might find it to be a relaxing task—to maneuver the lawn mower back and forth across your property until your grass is beautifully cropped. You might also find it to be a task that is made worse from the sheer noise involved. Most lawn mowers are not known for their quiet operation, although there are some exceptions. If the volume of your lawn mower is more than you can bear, what are your options for getting that beautifully cropped grass without all that noise?

A Push Lawn Mower

These types of mower are not suitable for large patches of grass since the blades only operate as you push the mower along. The motion of the wheels is what turns the blades. A little more effort is required than with a standard petrol-driven lawn mower, so you might find it to be too tiring to mow a large patch of grass in this manner. But if you have a small or medium sized lawn, then this can be a peaceful alternative to a petrol-driven lawn mower. The only noise is the whirring of the blades as you push the mower along.

An Electric Lawn Mower

Some electric lawn mowers can also be unsuitable for large lawns. While the electric motor does the actual cutting, the lawn mower's battery can impose some limitations. Before you consider getting an electric lawn mower, you should work out how long it takes you to mow your lawn with your current petrol-driven motor. You then need to compare this time with the battery capabilities of any potential electric lawn mower you might be interested in. These capabilities can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. You certainly don't want to mow half your lawn, and then need to recharge your mower before you can complete the job. If you have a large lawn and want an electric mower, you should opt for a model with an external battery pack (even though this can be a more expensive option). This allows you to mow the lawn while an additional set of batteries are charging, and you can then change them during the job as needed. Of course, an electric motor operates at a significantly reduced volume when compared to its petrol counterpart.

Ornamental Grass

It might seem like an extreme option, but if you dislike the noise of your lawn mower and also dislike the need to mow, then you might want to consider replacing your lawn. There are many types of ornamental grasses on offer that can make for a beautifully lush lawn and yet don't require much maintenance. The most likely candidate is zoysia tenuifolia, which is marketed under a variety of names. This grass is extremely slow growing and you simply won't need to mow it very often at all (which is why it's often called a no mow lawn). This won't reduce the noise of lawn mowing, but it means it's a noise you won't be hearing on a regular basis.

So if noise of your lawn mower is getting on your nerves, it's nice to know that there are a few peaceful alternatives on offer.