What's Innovative in Terms of Kitchen Design and Development?

27 October 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Are you looking for inspiration when it comes to designing a new kitchen? There are a lot of new developments in terms of not only the gadgets and equipment to kit out these kitchens, but also in terms of architecture, design and functionality made for a specific purpose. What is new in these arenas?

Multi-Kitchen Homes

One of the most exciting developments in terms of exploring the functionality of the traditional kitchen is in the integration of several different types of kitchen within one home. For example, for far Eastern homeowners who are used to their specific type of culinary delight, separate "spice" kitchens may be called for. They may also call for a second, separate space called a "dressing" kitchen. The idea here is that those pungent and aromatic spices are conjured up in the kitchen that's very well ventilated and typically towards the back of the home. Then, the dressing kitchen is a room that is in between the spice kitchen and the main kitchen area, where the food is served. The dressing room kitchen is an area where the dishes that are cooked in the spice kitchen are assembled before being presented.

Back to the 80s?

Another trend that is emerging is somewhat retroactive and has its origins back in the 1980s. These kitchens are contemporary in design but have mobile units so that they are infinitely adaptable. For example, an island work space can be used for preparation of food at the one moment, before being moved to another area to serve up the drinks next. This allows maximum efficiency, but also flexibility in terms of meal preparation.

You, the Professional

Expect to see items of equipment in the modern kitchen of tomorrow that would once have been considered only of use to the professional. These will include items such as a steamer oven, which is coming into favour as a result of an increasing demand for healthy eating. Here, dishes such as chicken, fish or rice can be lightly prepared as opposed to being roasted or deep-fried.

Making It Easier

Boiling water is always available through specific taps that are connected to flexible hoses. There will be no need to boil your kettle for hot water, and hoses allow you to instantly clean dirty pans and pots with a water blast, meaning that you don't have to soak these items in the sink as part of your cleaning process.

How will you innovate as you prepare your dream future kitchen?