Nifty Pointers for Designing a Stylish Custom Timber Carport for Your Residence

22 December 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Carports have become a staple for numerous Australian residences and this is not simply because they offer a great alternative to a built-in garage. The right carport will not only provide you with an outdoor living area for you to enjoy nature, but it will also increase the value of your property, making it a long-term investment. While steel and aluminium carports are undeniably popular, more and more people are leaning toward the timber variety since the classic appeal of wood is guaranteed to never go out of style. Nonetheless, to ensure that your carport has character and does not look like an afterthought on your property, you need to pay close attention to its design. To help you with that here are some nifty pointers for designing a stylish timber carport for your residence.

Choose a gabled roof

Conventional timber carports are characterised by their flat roofing styles but if you want this structure to add ornamental value to your residence, you should opt for the gabled variety. Admittedly, flat roofs are much easier to install and utilise fewer materials so their popularity can be attributed to their low cost. However, if your house already has a gabled roof, it is best to invest in this for your carport, as it will create an illusion of continuity from your primary structure to this inclusion, whether it is attached to the building or not.

Opt for decorative posts

Not many homeowners pay attention to the posts that timber carports comprise sicken these structures are primarily utilitarian, considering that their function is to hold up the roof. Nevertheless, if you want to design your carport to be as elaborate as possible, you should not overlook these posts. Rather than using thin poles of wood, you should opt for thicker posts that give you room to carve out intricate motifs on them. The carvings add both visual and tactile interest to the carport, elevating the entire appearance of this secondary structure. As a bonus, consider trimming the gabled roof with fretwork of the same motifs that are carved into the posts.

Draw inspo from your structure

The third pointer for designing a stylish custom carport for your property is to draw inspiration directly from your residence. Identify decorate elements that characterise your house to determine which ones can be easily interpreted onto the carport. For example, if you have an accent colour that you have used on your outdoor shutters, doors and so on you can use the same shade for the carport.

Reach out to a professional about installing a carport on your property.