How Modern Security Screens Outdo Their Predecessors

24 February 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Security screens and doors have been around for many years, with some designs dating back centuries and even further. For a long time, there was not a lot of improvement in the construction or the quality of these doors simply because it was assumed they had reached their most advanced design possible. However, with the explosion of technology in virtually every area of life in the last couple of decades, security doors have reached new levels of quality that vastly outshine the ones that came before them. Here is why you should consider upgrading your old security screen doors to more contemporary alternatives.


Perhaps the biggest improvement in security doors and security screens is the weight. Modern material and manufacturing have allowed for extremely tough and durable substances to be created with very little weight. In the past, security doors made with steel and iron bars on them could weigh tens of kilograms, if not more. This could make it awkward to move and would lead to quicker wear and tear of the hinges that supported this weight. Modern security screens feel just as light as other flyscreens but retain that strength. In fact, often modern security doors are even harder to get into, so there is no loss in your comfort when at home.

Environmental Resistance

Apart from just standing up to robbers and would-be thieves, security doors also need to be able to survive in Australian weather conditions. In the past, there was little thought given to how a product would last after sitting in the sun and rain for five, ten or even twenty years. Many security screens rusted or worse. This is not a problem anymore, as special coatings can be applied, and you can even get plastic coverings over the metal mesh that stops the elements from affecting the door at all. If your old security door looks like it is more rust than door at the moment, then consider swapping, as it has likely lost all its security advantages anyway.

Simple Design

If you have a look back, many older security doors looked more like prison gates than doors to a home. That is why so many people avoided getting security doors because it was not attractive to have them installed. Manufacturers learnt from this, and modern security doors look more like flyscreens than metal bars. That does not mean they have lost their edge though, and modern security doors are built to withstand all sorts of attacks, including blunt force entries or knife attacks. 

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