Two Errors Parents Make When Decorating Their Young Children’s Bedrooms on a Budget

19 April 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Here are some common mistakes parents make when decorating their young children's bedrooms on a budget.

They buy curtains that have no blackout lining

Curtains that have blackout lining are usually more expensive than those without this lining. If a parent wants to, for example, splurge on a new bed for their child or some other item that will use up much of their modest budget, they may then opt for non-blackout curtains for their kid's bedroom so they can afford to do this.

However, this is a mistake that could negatively affect both them and their child. The reason for this is that without this blackout lining, their young child might not only have more difficulty taking their daytime naps (due to the sunlight pouring through their unlined curtains and making their bedroom too bright) but might also be more resistant to going to sleep in the early evenings when it's still light outside because their bedroom will still be too well-lit.

Finally, if, like many young kids, the child has a tendency to wake up very early, this tendency may be exacerbated by the absence of blackout lining on their curtains, and this could result in both them and their parents getting far less sleep. In short, parents who need to stick to a small budget when decorating their kids' rooms should prioritise buying high-quality blackout curtains over, for example, a fun new piece of furniture for the room. This is likely to have more of a positive effect on their child's wellbeing as well as their own.

Not exercising their creativity when decorating the room

The other mistake sometimes made by parents who need to be mindful of how much they spend is not exercising their creativity when they decorate their kids' bedrooms. A lot of the most beautiful and fun readymade items for children's bedrooms are expensive; things such as, for example, cartoon-themed soft furnishings and novelty furniture may be out of the price range of parents with modest decorating budgets.

Some parents in this situation assume that they have to make do with affordable, plain and unimaginatively designed items for their children's rooms that don't have much personality. However, this is not the case. If for example, they buy plain curtains, they can, with a few hours of effort, make these curtains far more interesting and fun. They could, for instance, use inexpensive shop-bought stencils (or homemade ones) that feature polka dots, teddy bears or stars, along with some brightly coloured fabric paint, to add a design to these curtains that will give them a much more colourful and cheerful look.

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