4 Reasons to Fit Security Screens VS Roller Shutters to Your Home's Windows

5 April 2023
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Security screens and roller shutters can both be fitted over your home's windows to provide added protection, but which one is right for your property? While each option offers its own advantages and drawbacks, most homeowners will find that security screens make more sense than roller shutters.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Admits Light and Air

Security screens are very adept at keeping unwanted visitors out of your home, and yet they still let light and air stream inside. This means you can leave a window open and still enjoy plenty of fresh air and natural light. In contrast, roller shutters completely shut off the outside world when they are closed. That means your home may feel stuffy when they are closed, and you'll also be forced to have your lights on more.

2. Reduced Maintenance

Once you put a security screen over a window, you won't have much work to do going forwards. Even hinged or sliding security screens have relatively few moving parts, which means there's very little that can go wrong. Roller shutters are a different story. They have more moving parts and use a more complex mechanical system, so you'll need to keep yours clean to prevent issues and may need to have repairs carried out in the future.

3. Better Appearance

Security is always going to be your main concern when picking out a security screen or roller shutter, but it's also nice to choose one that improves rather than detracts from your home's appearance. Security screens win out in this regard since they are far less visually obtrusive. Additionally, you can have security screens made in a wide variety of designs to create something that feels as much like a decorative touch as a way to improve security.

4. Ceaseless Protection

One issue with roller shutters is that you can either have them closed to provide complete protection or have them open to provide no protection at all. This means it can be tempting to leave your shutters up when you want to use the window for ventilation or to look out. With a security screen, you never have to make that decision since they will always be working to keep your home protected. This should prove especially attractive if you want added security for a child's room since you can leave them unattended with the window open when you have a security screen without sacrificing security.

For more information on security screens, contact a professional near you.