5 unusual deck enhancements

27 May 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When designing their new deck, people tend to focus on achieving two main targets. They want the maximum floor area and they want an appealing finish. Seating is also often included in the initial discussion, as well-designed benches can save space and add to the overall look. However, before you go from the drawing board to your deck builder, consider some of these other deck additions that could add interest and value to your new living area:

1. Clever storage

Deck benches often double as storage chests, with hinged lids under removable cushions. You can also have underfloor storage by sinking a box at floor level and creating an access hatch in the deck. Deck stairs can conceal outdoor cupboards too. You can never have enough storage, so don't miss out on the storage opportunities your new deck might create, get creative.

2. Built-in sky

To really maximise your outdoor entertaining potential, go one step further and instead of a plain storage locker, sink a fully insulated plastic compartment into your deck. You can keep your outdoor cushions or pool toys in there most of the time, but for parties fill it with ice and pop in your drinks to chill.

3. Planters

Building planter boxes from the same timber as the deck blends them into the living space. Shifting heavy plant pots around is hard work and damages the deck surface, so keep your greenery in a permanent spot and looking elegant.

4. Spa

If your deck is big enough, ask your builder about including a hot spa. This will enable you to enjoy your deck all year round and nothing feels as luxurious as soaking in hot bubbles under the stars. Your friends will love your new status symbol and this is another feature sure to be popular when entertaining.

5. Fire-pit

Fire-pits look fantastic and let you stay warm on your desk through all the seasons. Ask your builder about using your house's natural gas supply, otherwise outdoor fires are available using LPG bottled gas or bio-ethanol fuel. The design will need to incorporate the type the of fuel required.

The deck is one of our most-loved contemporary house features. Invest in your design and your builder to make sure your deck stands out from the crowd. As well as adding value to your property, it should bring new elements to the way you use and enjoy your home. For more help and information, contact a company like Lifestyle Patios.