Window Treatments: 3 Solar Control Considerations for Choosing Roller Blind Fabrics

12 June 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you have decided to go with roller blinds for your windows, you'll need to choose the fabric based on the level of solar control you desire before you start looking at the several hundreds of patterns and colours. The level of functionality will help you when it comes to making a decision about the right fabric blinds for your windows. Here are some solar control considerations for choosing fabrics for roller blinds.

Solar Reflective and Protective Fabrics

Blackout roller blinds deliver maximum protection from the sun compared, especially if you're looking to recreate a completely darkened room in the middle of the day. Solar protective and reflective fabrics usually reflect UV sunrays back outside and block it from passing through them into the room. Solar radiation will get completely blocked, depending on the colours you choose for the fabric.

For example, lighter colours will reflect radiation, while darker colours will absorb radiation, so you'll want to get lighter fabrics to reflect the radiation back outside. Solar reflective fabrics are usually treated with a silver foil backing to reflect sunlight more easily by preventing absorption. Solar reflective fabrics are perfect for west and east facing windows to block out the sun at different times of the day.

Anti-glare Fabrics

Anti-glare fabrics for roller blinds are slightly more open than solar protective fabrics to allow a little solar radiation through. The openness means that the fabric is slightly translucent—you will be able to maintain your view of the outdoors from inside. But from outside, the fabric appears solid and private.

Darker anti-glare fabrics provide better outside visibility and reduce the amount of glare much better than lighter coloured fabrics. Keep in mind that the openness will let a little UV light pass though, so you can add anti-glare films to your roller blinds to reflect as much UV light as possible. These anti-glare fabrics for roller blinds are perfect if you want to retain leafy views without losing your privacy.

UV Protective Control Fabrics

Not all fabrics are able to block out UV light fully, so it's important to look for specially marketed UV control fabrics that are able to block out UV light completely. Make sure you double-check this before buying UV control fabrics for roller blinds. UV control fabrics are perfect for formal lounges and bedrooms, where the complete blockage of UV sunrays will prevent your furniture and floors from getting faded.

When choosing fabrics for your roller blinds, be sure to look for something that meets your functional and visual taste. Get a better idea of your options by contacting resources like Ocean Grove Blinds & Awnings.