3 On-Trend Tile Looks For Your Ultra-Modern Bathroom Remodeling

20 April 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you're remodelling your bathroom, then you've no doubt given plenty of thought to the various elements you'd like to use to create the desired style. Like all home design features, bathrooms styles change with what is fashionable, and one of the biggest trends in modern bathroom design is a sleek, ultra-modern look. Choosing tiles is a major factor in pulling this look off successfully. Here are three on-trend tile looks that will help make your bathroom a stunning and contemporary oasis. 

1. Timber-look tiles

Timber-look tiles are an increasingly popular option in home design. They allow you to recreate the warmth and beauty of a timber floor, but still provide the durability and practicality of tiles. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes which replicate many natural timber flooring styles.

Timber-look tiles are perfect for use in the bathroom because they're water-proof and won't be degraded by moisture or steam like traditional timber flooring. Opting for a tile which has a non-slip rating is a smart move in the bathroom to prevent slippery, unsafe floors after bathing or showering.

2. Over-Sized tiles

Opting for over-sized tiles instead of the smaller, more traditional variety is another big trend in bathroom design. Large tiles create a sense of scale and grandeur that wouldn't be out of place in a five-star hotel bathroom. Stick with a monochromatic colour scheme in natural hues, such as charcoal, slate grey, or whites to really achieve the ultra-modern look.

Over-sized tiles have generally been square in shape, but large, rectangular tiles are now becoming a trend with interior designers. Whether you opt for square or rectangular, be sure to stick to a single shape to ensure that you maintain the slick, uniform look that this style demands.

3. High-gloss glazed tiles

Another on-trend tile look is the use of high-gloss glazed tiles. These tiles are generally ceramic and are coated with a coloured glaze before being fired. This creates a shiny, glass-like coating on the finished product. They come in a dazzling variety of colours, and even a dark shade such as charcoal or black will provide a highly reflective surface which will bounce light around your bathroom.

High-gloss glazed tiles have often been used as a feature to compliment other tile varieties in bathrooms. For an ultra-modern look, forget variety and stick with the one size and glaze colour on both the floor and the walls. Colour choice is really up to your personal taste, but aquamarine and turquoise are the current preference of interior designers.

Choosing the right tiles is one of the most important elements of successful bathroom design. If you're not sure which ultra-modern look you prefer, then visit your local tile showroom so you can get a better feel for each look.