Staircase Refurbishment: Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Staircase

31 May 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

You don't have to maintain the same old staircase that has been there for decades. Invest in a new staircase and give your home a new and fresh appeal. However, remember not to rush into buying just any type of staircase. Below are some key factors to help you choose an ideal staircase that will be both functional and stunning.

Interior Home Design

The interior design of your home is essential in decision making when you're refurbishing your staircase. You don't want the staircase to appear misplaced because the colour and theme just seem wrong. It's advisable to choose a colour that blends in with or is similar to the interior design of your home. Also, you can choose a staircase made from a material that is dominant in your home.

For example, if timber and timber-like décor dominates your home interiors, then opt for a wooden staircase or one with wooden parts on some places, such as the risers and treads. Otherwise, you can have a timber-like finish done on the staircase if it's made of a material other than timber. Also, if you have a wooden floor, then matching the staircase with the floor is great way to have the staircase really blend in with the interiors.

Home Dwellers

When choosing a staircase, the people you live with will greatly determine the type of staircase you install. Health and age of your home dwellers are among the factors that top the list. For instance, spiral or circular staircases are among the most cumbersome to use and can be distressing for a very old or sick person.

Assess the needs of your home dwellers so that the staircase installed will not be a problem for them. If you have elderly persons or young kids at home, go for staircases that are comfortable to use. For example, choose carpeted stairs over wooden stairs, as wooden stairs are more slippery. 

Available Space

The space available on the ground floor and the upper floor of your house will influence your decision in choosing a new staircase for your home. For instance, a spiral staircase will require more space on the upper floor where it opens up to a square or circular space. However, this staircase occupies minimal space on the ground floor.

Different types of staircases require different space dimensions. So hire a professional home designer to advise you on the best type of staircase for your home. Also, consider whether you want to change the position of your staircase; for example, you can shift it from the centre of the house to a corner or next to a wall. The amount of space available in that area will determine the style and design of your staircase.

It's possible to get a new staircase for your home that fits perfectly and meets your needs as well. Paying attention to the basics of staircase refurbishment will help you to run this project successfully.