Popular Locations for Installing Glass Balustrades

23 October 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

As a homeowner, you should not take the safety of your property for granted, especially if you have children or elderly members around. However, installing safety features such as handrails should not take away your sense of aesthetics. Luckily, glass balustrades offer a sweet spot between safety and aesthetics thanks to their sophistication, which might explain their popularity in residential homes. That said, homeowners must choose where to install glass balustrades carefully to maximise their aesthetic value. This article explores popular locations for installing glass balustrades.  


Outdoor living has assumed a life of its own in Australia as homeowners embrace the benefits that the serene landscape offers. It is no wonder modern homes feature massive sliding doors since they eliminate traditional wall barriers separating indoors and outdoors. Therefore, if you have a deck that connects directly to your living room or bedroom, you should think about adding glass balustrades along the edge. Unlike concrete or wooden barriers that obstruct your view, glass balustrades offer a clear picture. Thus, they are the best option if your deck overlooks a garden or natural features, such as a lake or hills.  


Balconies are another feature that allows homeowners and apartment dwellers to enjoy the outdoors without necessarily leaving their home. Besides, most builders construct apartment units with balconies because they add value to a property. However, since most balconies are small and the railings are made of concrete, you might be forced to walk outside to enjoy the outdoor view. Moreover, you may have to stand every time you want to look below. Such inconveniences can be eliminated with glass balustrades since they allow you to relax inside your home without interfering with your view. Additionally, you do not have to stand up every time you want to look at your garden.


Apart from outdoor applications, glass balustrades are an excellent addition inside a home. Staircases are particularly the best candidate for glass balustrades for various reasons. First, staircases with concrete or wooden railings are usually dark spaces because they block light. Due to their transparent property, glass balustrades allow copious amounts of natural light, which significantly transforms small spaces. Furthermore, most staircase designs are bland and not aesthetically appealing. Glass balustrades can quickly transform an ordinary staircase into a visual masterpiece. However, it is critical to reinforce staircase glass balustrades with stainless steel framing due to the high foot traffic.  

To get help installing glass and stainless steel balustrades, contact a supplier in your area.